Corporate environmental protection

Environmental protection is one of the main areas in which we as a media company have a negative impact on our environment. Therefore, macondo publishing GmbH has taken a number of measures to reduce the “ecological footprint”. Our efforts focus on three core indicators that we have identified as material in the environmental area: Our electricity consumption, our paper consumption and the environmental compatibility of our printing processes. Our information currently relates exclusively to our company and the printers involved. A challenge for the future will be to integrate our supply chains more comprehensively.

Share of green electricity
Climate neutral printing
Percentage of sustainable paper (FSC/PEFC)
Ecological shipping

Progress reports

Companies that join the Global Compact undertake to report annually on their progress in implementing the ten Global Compact principles and, where applicable, in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals. This Communication on Progress (CoP) is not aimed at the Global Compact, but at the company’s so-called stakeholders, such as investors, business partners, customers and suppliers, critical civil society organizations and government agencies.

Conservation projects

For a number of years, macondo publishing GmbH has been supporting the WWF with regular donations to projects to protect the tropical rain forests and the wildlife that live there.

Social Commitment

We as a company are part of society and we see this as a duty and a challenge to present ourselves as a “good citizen”. Our commitment includes a large number of measures.