Understanding and implementing the new ESG reporting requirements

Modular and customized solutions for SMEs

Our offer includes consulting, software and training for the upcoming ESG reporting. You can select the services on a modular basis according to your needs. The aim is to provide managers and specialists in your company with a comprehensive understanding of the growing statutory ESG requirements and equip them with the necessary skills to implement them in practice. The focus is on the new European Union regulations (ESRS) introduced in 2023 and the new IFRS accounting standards (IFRS S1 and S2), which are revolutionizing the quality and requirements of ESG reporting.

As our client, you will be familiarized with the basic concepts, new standards and methods of ESG reporting and practice their application with the help of ESG software. Through a combination of consulting, workshops, classes, discussions, hands-on exercises and space for personal mentoring (coaching), they will gain the knowledge and tools to optimize their organization’s ESG reporting.

By the end, they will have gained a solid understanding of ESG reporting practices and how to integrate ESG reporting into the organization’s internal control and management systems. They will be able to effectively collect, analyse and report ESG data and use software to unlock the potential of digitalization for their own company. As a result, your professionals will be well prepared to meet the growing expectations of the European Union, IFRS and purchasing requirements.


  • Kick-off workshop: Basic information, definition of objectives and system boundaries
  • Implementation: Determination of a double materiality analysis in accordance with EU requirements
  • Closing workshop: Presentation of the materiality matrix and derivation of key measures (mandates for action) and thus fulfillment of financial materiality
  • Follow-up: Documentation for audit, for interface (API) between ERP and CSR/ESG software
  • Total  6 days€ 9,000

    plus travel expenses at cost


  • Kick-off workshop: Basic information, definition of objectives and system boundaries
  • Implementation: Identification of taxonomy-compliant economic activities based on the previous year’s balance sheet (for more complex portfolios with the help of sample examples, which would then have to be transferred)
  • Final workshop: Discussion of the taxonomy evaluation and derivation of instructions for action and, if necessary, investment decisions against the background of the taxonomy capability
  • Total 6 days € 9.000.-plus travel expenses at cost


  • Setup customization (€ 4,000.00): Includes consolidation and architecture, customer (duplicate) essentials, ESRS customization, test phase, project management (one-off costs);
  • Annual support fee (€ 3,000.00): Includes hosting, maintenance of standards (legal situation), data updates climate indicators (DEFRA), first level support (annual costs); maintenance of KPIs Group-wide (from € 1,000.00.-)
  • License fee per consolidation level (€ 2,000.00): For example, “Location Company Group” corresponds to 3 levels (annual costs);
  • Customization as required (additional costs as required): customer-specific key figures (if not mappable in the standard), adaptation of interface to external ERP systems (one-off costs or as required)from € 9.000.-plus travel costs according to expenditure


  • Day 1:
    Module 1: Introduction to sustainability management: megatrends and drivers, models and practical examples
    Module 2: Green deals and growing global regulation: What? For whom? From when?
    Module 3: Understanding ESG reporting standards: European sustainability reporting standards (ESRS); IFRS standards for the disclosure of sustainability information (IFRS S1 and S2)
  • Day 2:
    Module 4: Introduction climate management and GHG Protocol, identifying relevant ESG metrics and indicators; strategies for collecting and analyzing data; CO2 measurement using the 15 climate categories according to the GHG Protocol, consolidation to preliminary corporate carbon footprint
    Module 5: Basics of a climate strategy: company analysis; planning measures; data collection, data quality; identification of transformation paths and measures; CO2 management and continuous reduction process
  • Day 3:
    Module 6: Responsibility in the value chain; supply chain and human rights, management approach for due diligence Preparation of a policy statement
    Module 7: Development of internal control systems (ICS): role of management and supervisory boards; implementation of holistic sustainability management between ISO and ESRS/GRI

 € 9.000.-

plus travel expenses at cost

Sustainability Strategy

What legal, competitive and social expectations exist? Where does your company stand in a sector comparison? Where do you need to improve (blind spots)? We support you in setting concrete goals for your sustainability strategy, integrating and supporting a legally compliant double materiality analysis and stakeholders.

Sustainability Communication

Our range of services includes editorial communication, classic PR and online editing, reports and events as well as accompanying social media activities. Our expertise lies in the areas of sustainability, corporate responsibility and science communication.

Sustainability Management

Integrating sustainability into day-to-day business means establishing specific steps and processes in the internal control and management systems (IKM). We support you in choosing the right instruments and, during the reporting phase, also in the consolidation and analysis of the data.

Conference Management

Our team will help you competently with the planning, organization and execution of your event. We take care of all related tasks – so you can concentrate fully on the preparation of the content of your event. As a specialist in the field of sustainability, we support you in particular with the design of the content, addressing the target groups and the selection of suitable speakers.

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