Acting responsibly within organizations means recognizing the risks and opportunities of your actions and reacting to them. From a risk perspective, these are questions about quality assurance, resource efficiency or reputation protection. From the perspective of opportunities, this means gaining credibility, retaining and recruiting the best employees and, last but not least, opening up new markets and customers. Our approach focuses on multi-stakeholder dialogue. Whether you are a company or an NGO, you are connected to countless people and institutions, all of whom have an interest in your work. It is important to involve these stakeholder groups in an open and honest dialogue, because this is the only way to create trust and long-term relationships.

Sustainability Strategy

What legal, competitive and social expectations exist? Where does your company stand in a sector comparison? Where do you need to improve (blind spots)? We support you in setting concrete goals for your sustainability strategy, integrating and supporting a legally compliant double materiality analysis and stakeholders.

Sustainability Communication

Our range of services includes editorial communication, classic PR and online editing, reports and events as well as accompanying social media activities. Our expertise lies in the areas of sustainability, corporate responsibility and science communication.

Sustainability Management

Integrating sustainability into day-to-day business means establishing specific steps and processes in the internal control and management systems (IKM). We support you in choosing the right instruments and, during the reporting phase, also in the consolidation and analysis of the data.

Conference Management

Our team will help you competently with the planning, organization and execution of your event. We take care of all related tasks – so you can concentrate fully on the preparation of the content of your event. As a specialist in the field of sustainability, we support you in particular with the design of the content, addressing the target groups and the selection of suitable speakers.

Practical Examples

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